“Hello, I saw your Facebook status about wanting to hear how adoptions are going. Well here’s my story.  I adopted “Beal” in January, this year. I have since changed her name to Sadie. When I first adopted her I remember a lady before me had taken her for a walk and decided to pass up on her and wished me luck because Sadie was very high strung. I decided to take her for a walk anyways and fell in love. I wanted an active dog to keep me busy. When I first got Sadie I had to pick her up and place her in the car, I think she associated it with being abandoned or going to another shelter. So I decided everyday we’d go on a car ride and she’d see that every car ride brought her back home. Now if anyone comes over and leaves their car door open, Sadie will jump in and sit down ready to go, she loves car rides. Sadie is a very smart dog and listens well. I don’t even have to have her on a leash anymore when I bring her outside, she stays right with me. I couldn’t be happier!”
Thanks for doing great things for animals!