Pet Surrender

You must receive approval before a pet can be brought down to surrender.  If you need to 167257663b62c6fbdd9cddfc8b44d27bsurrender a pet please call our shelter at 889-8340 and ask for an adoption specialist.

We accept both owned and homeless pets into our adoption program. Since we are a no kill shelter, our facility limits us to the number of pets we can take in and you may be asked to call back if we do not have the space.

If you are considering surrendering a pet, call our office first to see if this is something we can help you with then fill out a Release Form. All animals intended for surrender must be brought to the shelter for temperament testing and evaluation before entering the adoption program. We do not accept any aggressive animals that have bitten a human or other animal, or that are not able to be handled. We have children and many special educating groups visiting the shelter and due to that your pet may be ineligible to enter the adoption program as we have to consider their safety and the safety of our current animals. Please give us a call at 889-8340 for any further questions.