“It has been a year now since adopting Finn (Zeus- was his shelter name) After seeing him on your website, we set our alarms for the morning he was available for adoption and we made it before the doors opened, we didn’t want to miss our chance to adopt him. I still remember that morning meeting a nervous, timid, and confused pup! The only information that was given to us was that he was surrendered and he did not come from a good situation. Finn met our other two dogs, a retriever named Bear and a Weimaraner Juno, and they all clicked with no problem. As days went on we noticed just how much of Finns previous home situation had impacted him. We noticed he would cower at loud noises, or if you would speak loudly. When we would go to pet him he would bow his head and cower, so not only did he have a few physical scares of his past, he had to find his confidence and know that he would be safe and loved now. We were committed to work with Finn and consulted our vet on how to reinforce him that he was going to be ok.
Well after a year I can say he is an incredible, loving, and confident boy! His old ways of cowering is now replaced with his wet kisses, his hand shakes, and hugs. He is healthy, up to his ideal body weight of 88lbs, he is all muscle, and has a sparkle in his eye. Finn loves to go on day trips, hikes, swimming, plays fetch, and countless hours of horse play with his newest sister, Zoey, also adopted from Scottsville. He participated in a dog parade, goes to Petco and picks out his toys, and is getting to be a well socialized dog. As rough and rugged as Finn can be out in the woods he is that much of a lazy, lay in bed and snuggle on a Sunday morning kinda boy!
Finn has filled a void we didn’t know we had. He has changed our view on shelter dogs AND our view of Pitt bulls as he is a lab Pitt mix.  
Can’t express how lucky we are to have him as a member of our family, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Thank you Scottsville for introducing us to our Finny. Happy one year anniversary Finn and here’s to many many more adventures.