Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I bring my current pet for a meet and greet with my potential adoption pet?

    YES!! We always recommend a meet and greet, especially with adult animals who have lived in your house for a while. This is their home too, and to avoid future issues between animals please bring your pet down to see how they do BEFORE adopting.

  • What leash should I use when bringing my dog home?

    We give all adopters FREE slip leashes to take home with them. Please use this leash until your pet is comfortable with you and it’s new home. Many dogs we take in may not know how to walk well on a leash or are scared and will try to run away. Use due caution and understand this is a big change for the pet and different dogs will adjust faster or slower than others. Prevent  your new pet from getting lost by using a slip lead, martingale collar, or harness  and do not leave them unsupervised.

  • Why do you take animals from out of state?

    Did you know the shelters we pull from have 98% euthanasia rates? Any dog that comes into southern shelters are given very limited time to find a new home (3-5 days). Due to the large quantity of stray animals coming in or unplanned/unwanted litters, the dogs currently in the shelter are put down to make more space for newcomers. Who gets put down? 8 week old pups, 1 year old dogs, small breeds, pregnant moms, large breeds…ANYTHING. And the pit bulls are put to sleep on intake as they are not allowed up for adoption in many states from animal control.

  • My dog has some issues misbehaving. What should I do?

    Please keep in mind that most rescue dogs have not had any sort of training and are possibly in the shelter due to jumping, chewing, etc. Rescue dogs all have a different past that has shaped them into the pet they are today. Please take the time to train your dog or seek professional help with training. We have many trainers we can recommend to you, please ask. Also allow for at least 2 weeks for the pet to adjust in the household, it is a big change for them as well!

    Who do we recommend?
    Hansen’s Doggy Daycare
    On the Road Pet Care

  • Why vaccinate your dog?

    Check out the ASPCA

  • How Do I start potty training my puppy?

    Check out the ASPCA

  • What food is used at the shelter?

    We feed Hills Science Diet, adult and puppy dry food. We recommend that you buy a bag to start after adopting from us, and if you would like to switch to something else slowly mix in your choice of food. This way your new family member won’t get an upset stomach!  Compare with other foods